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Prosecutor’s Office rejects criminal charges against ‘Baxter’


The County Prosecutor’s Office in Zagreb has decided against filing charges against an unknown perpetrator, the responsible person in the company ‘Baxter’. In the public announcement released, the Prosecutor’s Office explains the reason why charges were not filed. Here we bring you the contents of the entire public release.

Republic of Croatia
County Prosecutor’s Office
in Zagreb

Public Release

Following the collection of all pertinent information and following intensive measures aimed at revealing possible criminal acts and perpetrators in the ‘Baxter’ case, the County Prosecutor’s Office in Zagreb has passed a legal decision rejecting criminal charges against an unknown perpetrator – a responsible individual in the company ‘Baxter’ for serious criminal acts against human health in handling and producing harmful materials for medical treatment, from Articles 249, paragraphs 3 and 4 in connection with Article 245, paragraphs 1 and 2 from the Criminal Code.

From the information collected, consisting of the results of research conducted at various levels, including a report from the European body responsible for the monitoring of medical equipment – TUV PRODUCT SERVICE OF MUNICH from Germany, and the report from the independent laboratory for scientific research – the FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION from the U.S., it appears that in the process of manufacturing and sterilizing dialysis filters produced by ‘Baxter’, and which were produced at one of three facilities at the factory in Ronneby, Sweden, where various components of the dialysis filters were produced, controlled and packaged, that in some filters, the presence of a solution was detected and identified as a solution used to reveal leaks in the fibers during the filter production process, and which to that point had not been known as a toxin and moreover, had previously been used as an oxygen carrier in treating lung disorders. However, later experiments showed that the intravenous injection of said solution in doses found in the dialysis filters could induce death, and research showed that the toxicity of the solution is proportionate to its dosage. Otherwise, said solution was to have been completed removed in the production process.

Considering the above stated facts, the County Prosecutor’s Office in Zagreb has concluded that, related to the responsible individual in the company ‘Baxter’, that there are no subjective elements of a criminal act, or rather that guilt is lacking, and this case is considered to be an incident, and as such the criminal charges are rejected.

The County Prosecutor’s Office is continuing its investigation and analysis into the remaining segments of the possible criminal responsibility of other individuals.

County Prosecutor
Krunoslav Canjuga

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